How to make money from blogging

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 They are different ways one can make money from blogging but before i dive into that, i will love to share with us something so important about this blogging of a thing.

First, i recognized that; many people searching about this topic "how to make money from blogging" are fresher's who have or about to launch their blogs.

So here are the important things fresher's need to know before venturing into blogging

1). Don't carry this mentality of making quick money: 

Truth be told, making money from blogging is not something quick, it takes time, patience, endurance and unique contents to start earning cool money, but i assure you blogging is a big time paying business one can vent into without any regrets of lost if only you are passionate about it.
when i said passionate; i mean focus on producing high quality contents, problem solving contents, engaging contents and of course unique contents not copied from another source first, then making money will comes naturally.

Also, being passionate about blogging can go a long way in preventing you from getting frustrated when you face or encountered some difficulties when blogging. that i noticed from new bloggers, many of them got frustrated and have quit blogging, so i urge you to be passionate and don't see any reason to back out when you have stepped into blogging.

Remembered, those that easily "Quit" are called losers while those that keep pushing becomes the "Winner".

 2). Choose a niche that you are good at: 

Niche is a topic you choose to write contents on and i always used to advice those am mentoring not to copy what others are blogging just because you see them successful in doing it.
Like for instance: You saw Mr ken becames successful in blogging about "business, sports, blogger tips" doesn't mean you too will be successful if you copies his niche when you launch your blog.
what i meant is; what works for Mr A might not work for Mr B, so always choose a niche that best suit your experience and knowledge then i bet you it will be easier for you to provide meaningful, unique, original contents that will rank high in Google search engine.

Now let me explain to you ways you can make money from blogging

1). you need to start by creating a blog.
Click here to learn how you can create a blog in less than 10 minutes.

2). You can make money from blogging through Affiliate program and Display adverts which is divided into sponsored advert and Advertising network adverts.

Affiliate program: When you run affiliate program on your blog you earns whenever someone click on the adverts, landed on the site then purchased a product, it from the sales of the product you earn commonly known as "commission".
Affiliate is the best, easiest and fastest way to make money off a blog if your audience are willing to purchase. but here in Nigeria i don't think Affiliate program works well here, you can try it if the majority traffics of your blog comes from tier country like USA, UK, Australia, Canada etc.

Display adverts: You earn whenever someone clicks on adverts and the number of times adverts appears on your blog.

  1. Sponsored adverts: Running this type of display adverts is cool because you get to negotiate on the price and days the advert will run on your blog.

    This display adverts is not easy because you will be the one to source for clients to promote their products on your blog.

  2. Advertising network: This display adverts is the most easiest and the best among all listed above. In this display adverts, you only care about the traffics alone, while the Advertising network do the most of the work for you.

Example of the best Advertising network to side with is:

  • Google AdSense (i recommend this for starters and existing bloggers because it is the best in the world with great earnings). No traffic minimum requirements but your contents needs to be unique before you could gain approval.
  • Taboola (this is okay too but you need minimum 10k traffics monthly before you could get accepted).
  • Mediaven: (just like Taboola you need enough traffics to secure approval).

I hope you enjoy reading this piece, free free to drop your comment and please don't forget to share!!!

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