How to do template backups on blogspot

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First and foremost i will like us to know that it is good to backup template on a blog, because if you do backup and something went wrong when trying to install or edit some codes on your blog, then you will have something to refer back to. 

Secondly, backup is essential for those who are not perfect in blogging, in fact everyone both fresh and professional bloggers needs backup as no one can tell if the code they are trying to install on their blog is well constructed and errors free, so always considered backing up your template files first, before editing your blog source codes. 

Thirdly, backup are made for future purpose, atimes we may want to install the same type of template/settings we have on our old blog to a new created ones, which am very sure it is not easy to accomplish such task within a short period of time through installation of the template file afresh, but with the help of a template backup file it becomes more easier and faster to get the exact settings of the old blog in the newly created blog within a short amount of time. 

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How to backup your template on blogger 

Goto blogger.com select "theme" from the dashboard.

After selecting, you will found a button named "customize" and a "dropdown menu" under it. Click on the "dropdown" menu. 

Lists of options will be displayed for you such as: (backup, restore, switch to first generation classic themes, edit html, mobile settings)

 here are the use of the lists in the drop down menu

  •  Backup: this allows you to download the overall template of your blog in a single file.   
  • Restore: this allows you to search or choose the backup file which you have downloaded earlier.   
  • Switch to first generation classic themes: this helps you switch between blogger interface, but now the interface is permanent on the latest version.
  • Edit html: this is where your blog codes lies.
  • Mobile settings: you can use this button to change the look of your blog in mobile version.

Now click on the "download" button. 

Side note: after clicking, a file will be downloaded which end with .xml extension. 

What is xml? 
Xml stands for extexsible mark-up language which is mainly used for transferring of data tags that are extensible. The ".xml" is a format that most blog templates end with, just like an mp3 music which end with ".mp3" extension.

So after the ".xml" file as complete downloading, then you have successfully backup your blog template. 

Now let me explain the steps to reinstall the backup file in case something went wrong.

How to reinstall your backup file 

1). Goto blogger.com, select "themes" from the dashboard. 

2). After selecting, you will found a button named "customize" and a "dropdown menu" under it. Click on the "dropdown" menu and select "restore" button.

3). Tap the box where "choose file" is written inside and locate the downloaded backup file, the file you are to upload always end with .xml extension.

I hope you understand the steps. Free free to drop your comment and don't forget to share.

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