How to displays adverts on your blog (header/above blog posts) and increase your earning revenue on blogger

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After getting approval from advertising networks such as Google AdSense, Media.net etc. we were advised to insert the advert code to places that can be seen easily on our blog, because by doing that will generate clicks and that means huge revenues for us, which i know placing advert code on page header, main posts, sidebar etc will be the best option to consider if you want to earn bountifully but, the issue there is the template restrictions, no one is permitted to add Gadgets after or before (page header widget, main page widget, footer widget etc). unless you turn on auto ads if your adverting company have it, even at that you still need to integrate ads manually into your blog because the auto ads make likely not to show on places you want it to appear.

Having said this earlier that blogspot template does not permit additional widget or gadgets on (header, main, footer) so today you will learn how to edit your html template and add another gadgets to those restricted areas with simple steps to follow and i know many like you on my blog might have be wondering how i was able to displays adverts on my page header and above all my blog posts. oh yes i was able to do that with the below steps.

before starting i will urge you to please backup your template first. or click here to learn how to backup template on blogger.

How to insert adverts code to your blog header on blogger

Goto blogger.com
from the left side of the dashboard select *theme* another page will display unto you, now click on the dropdown menu select *edit html* from the options lists.

for those blogging with computer
press and hold CTRL + F and search for "Header Wrapper"

for those blogging with phones
yours is manually you have to keep on scrolling until you get to "Header Wrapper"

after you have locate "Header Wrapper" now inside the "Header Wrapper" opening block you will see "maxwidgets", the number is set to "1" now change the number to "2" or "3" and save the settings.

screenshot image here
 Note: the numbers you specify inside the widget is the maximum numbers of gadgets you can add in your layout.

now go back to your blogger dashboard and click *layout* abrakadabra you will notice the options to add another gadgets is present.

screenshot image here

you can now add your "html gadget".

How to insert adverts code above your blog posts on blogger

repeat the above steps, but here instead of searching for "header" you will search for "Main Wrapper" and change the maxwidgets default number from "1" to "2" or "3" and save the settings.

screenshot image here

 Now go back to your dashboard and click on *layout* and add another "html gadget" or better still add "AdSense gadget" in the *main* post, if you have secure approval from Google AdSense.

screenshot image here

Sidenote: before you can use "AdSense gadget you must first connect your blog to AdSense through the "earning tab" it simple just clicked on "earning" from your blogger dashboard and click on the button "connect". but for other advertising network like media.net, migid, mediaven you will need to use the "html gadget".

In addition, before adding the new html gadget you need to login to your advertising network to grab the adverts code to paste in the HTM gadget.

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