How to create/add stand alone pages on your blog (blogspot)

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Let me start by explaining what stand-alone pages means

What are stand-alone pages?

Stand alone pages are separate post on a blog, which are created for the purpose of passing important messages to blog-readers, this pages are so important in a blog because it tells, instruct, and also gives details information to your blog-readers on:

  • how to manage your blog
  • information about you
  • how to reach you
  • what you use information you collect on your blog for
  • third party advertising network being used on your site
  • your vision, aims and goals.

Some bloggers choose to display this information short by including it in-between their blog gadgets but, to increase your user experience i recommend you segments these information into pages. Examples of a stand-alone pages are [ About, Contact us, Privacy policy, Disclaimer, Cookies policy Terms &, conditions]. 

It is also good to know that you need to disable "comment box" for all of these pages because it not an ordinary post your audience can drop a comment on. And some bloggers also install "noindex" tag to these pages to stop search engines from crawling it. 

Now i will show you steps on how to create and install stand alone pages to your blog on blogger.

How to create / add stand-alone pages to your blog on blogger

  1. Goto blogger.com from the dashboard select *pages* and click on *new page*. As usual start by writing an heading e.g About, then start writing about your blog, If you are done with the writing, click *publish*.

  2. Now go back to *pages* and click on *view* under the new page you have just published and copy the url.
  3. screenshot image here

  4. Now select *layout* on the blogger dashboard and click on * menu footer widget* or add a *link list* gadget to any place you want the stand alone page to appear.

  5. In the *link list* gadget page add a *New site Name* and paste the url which you have copied earlier into the *New Site URL* box. Then click *Add Link* and save.

Screenshot here
You can now check your blog. You can add as many stand alone pages to your blog, all you have got to do is to repeat the whole steps from step 1 till the end. 

Now let me explain to you how you can disable comment box in these important pages.

Steps to disable comment box

  • Login to blogger.com, locate the post you want to disable comment box and click on "edit".
  • On the post click the drop down menu located at the extreme top-right corner.
  • Choose "options" and select "don't allow, hide existing" under "readers comments".
  • Click "done" and update your post.

If you don't want this pages to appear on search engines during crawling, then you can follow the below steps to add "noindex" tag to it.

Steps to install noindex tag on a post

  • Login to blogger.com, locate the post you want to install a "noindex" tag and click on "edit".
  • On the post click the drop down menu located at the extreme top-right corner.
  • Choose "custom robots tags" and check the box "noindex" nigh noindex to select.
  • Click "done" and update your post.

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