How to add Facebook chat button on blogspot

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Social media is another most important thing you need to considered if you want to stay closer to your blog readers or visitors to your blog, social media such as (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) are examples of best platform you need to open an account with, if you want to stay connected to everyone in your blog. 

A blog that have a means of interacting with is readers are the ones that are productive this days, no blog-reader will like to stick to a blog that does not reply to is questions or respond to them whenever they need support. 

Although, they can use the comment box or contact form to get to you for help but, the most easiest, faster and better way to provide a full support to your blog readers is through social media, most especially "Facebook". 

Facebook is a fast growing platform with numerous features, example of such features is the "Facebook chat button" feature for bloggers, which am going to show you how to install it on your blog in today's article. 

This button comes with customizable options where you can select any color of your choice to blend with your blog design before installing it and you can also choose not to change the button color and use the default color which is "blue". 

Note: this button can only be connected to your Facebook page account, which means you will get notification for offline messages being sent by your audience Immediately you switch on your mobile data. 

Now let take a look at the importance of using the Facebook chat button.

Importance of using Facebook chat button

  • It appears in all the pages of your blog after installation.
  • The button is connected to your Facebook page, meaning all messages will go directly to your account on Facebook and it will be seen easily by you through notification.
  • You don't need to explain to your blog readers about the button. Immediately the button appears, they will know that the button is connected to you on Facebook because of it icon.
  • It beautify your blog and make it looks like a professional blog.

How to add Facebook chat button to your blog

  1. You need to create a Facebook page for this, if you have a Facebook page then you can skip this and move to step two. To create a page kindly login to your account on Facebook, from the homepage click on "create a page" and click on the button "Get Started" give your page a title. Title is what people use to identify you. Now select "personal blog", "website & blog" from the category options and add your website.

  2. Click on "setting" > "advance messaging" from your Facebook page.

  3. screenshot here

  4. After clicking on "advance message" scroll down and select "white-listed domains" now input your blog url into the box and click"save".

  5. Click on "messaging" and select "add messenger to website", then click on "Get Started" button, now click on "next" button twice and copy the code then click on finish.

  6. screenshot image here

  7. We are almost there. Login back to your blogger account , from the dashboard select "layout" and click on "add a gadget" to anywhere you want the Facebook chat button to appear.

  8. Now select "HTML/JavaScript" from lists of Gadgets. And paste the code you copied earlier into the content box.

Then click save.

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