Increase cpc adsense website

increase cpc adsense website

Getting AdSense approval is a bit hard and finally you got your blog approved and you discovered that the cpc is low and you were like "bloggers all over the world says AdSense is the best with huge cpc then why is my own cpc low? well that is the first question that will pop up on your mind and next if someone did not motivate or sit you down explaining how AdSense earnings works you may got frustrated and looses the zeal to continue blogging because no matter the amount of traffics you drives to the blog, still you are not earning much whereas some bloggers with less or little traffics are there earning huge and getting paid every month.
So today in this article i will be explaining ways you can increase cpc in AdSense but before i start What is cpc?

CPC stands for cost per click and in AdSense you earns huge when you amount a lot of clicks from your audience than impression (cpm).
now here are the steps to increase cpc in AdSense

  • Start by asking yourself why is my cpc so low
  • Get the highest paying adverts to display on your blog
  • Work on your traffics source

Tips to increase adsense cpc

1). Start by asking yourself why adsense cpc is low: 

Well this may sound out of point but it is the truth because each and every AdSense publisher is responsible for his earnings not AdSense itself, and to get the low cpc resolved you need to start by comparing sites you feel or confirmed it as high cpc with sites with low cpc.

so based on my research here are what i noticed at the end of the comparison.

The niche: niche is the area you choose to provide contents on and it is also known as your blog topic. niche plays an important role in getting high cpc in AdSense. remembered, adsense is a contextual advertising network that displays adverts based on what you wrote.

And based on my results i discovered that bloggers who complains about low AdSense cpc are those in entertainment niche, and the reason why their cpc is low is because entertainment niche is saturated and advertisers bid very low for it adverts space. example of entertainment niche is: (comedy, music, news, sports etc).

And in the other hand bloggers with high cpc are mostly those that write articles off or outside the entertainment niche.
So may advice for you is change your area of writing (Niche) and see results.

2). Get highest adsense cpc keywords and include it in your article:

this is another step you can take towards increasing your AdSense cpc and to leverage this point you need to know about "Advertisers bid" on keywords, before i explain i will like to clarify something; haven't you as a blogger been curious how Google AdSense A.I (artificial intelligence) manage to know which and what type of adverts to display on a page?? i guess 60%---70% bloggers are curious. An adage in Korean language says; "curiosity will kill a cat", so to cut the long epistle short Google AdSense A.I uses keywords contained in an article to display relevant adverts, and if the A.I detect that the keywords present in the article falls under high bids, then it will rendered just the high paying ones.

So like i said earlier the keywords bids am talking about is that of the advertisers not the one bloggers use to find search terms of users.

Side note: i did not said you should go and be sniffing high paying keywords you discovered into your article or manipulating an article about entertainment topic with high paying keywords like insurance, No that is not what i meant so don't get me wrong, what am saying is; when you identify the high paying keywords with (huge cpc) you can start writing articles about it.

Here are the steps you can take to know which keywords advertisers bid high:

  • You need an account on semrush (paid or free) free permit 10 keywords searches daily and paid version offers up to 50,000 monthly
  • Navigate to keyword in the dashboard and type in the keyword you want to know the bids.
  • Wait for some seconds while it load, after loading the results will be brought before you.

3). Work on your traffics source and know google adsense cpc rates by country: 

traffics source matters in AdSense cpc increment a site who's traffics are coming from tier country will amount to huge cpc than those receiving traffics from undeveloped-country, though sometimes it doesn't matter because there was a time a click from Nigeria got me $2.04 and a click from tier country USA got me just $0.20 so it doesn't matter the only thing i know that i have confirmed is when your blog got traffics from search engines like Google, bing, yandex then your cpc will be at rise than traffics from social medias. Also, direct traffics cpc too are high (direct traffics means a traffics coming from blog reader who type a url into his browser).
So work more on driving traffics from search engines and see meaningful result.


Getting increase cpc adsense is always the best if you want to earn as fast as possible from your website.


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