Custom Robots Tags: blogspot users don't change your custom robots tags settings

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Blogger just like other CMS recently introduce some SEO search engine optimization settings for it's users, and these SEO settings is mainly to enrich site performance on the web.

One of the SEO settings is the Custom Robots Tags which will be out main topic in today's article.

Many blogspot users both existing and new, feels that; since Custom Robots Tags was introduced by blogger CMS itself then it is needful to switch it on and edit the settings.

Well it is okay to turn it on and edit the settings if you have concrete knowledge or experience about it. but what if i tell you that ; you don't actually need to turn it on nor edit it's settings!!! i guess many will not agree with me, so here in today's article i will explain myself.

First like i said earlier Custom Robots Tags on default is already at is very best settings. 

Now i will explain myself:

On the web, Custom Robots Tags settings for blogspot users is much and each time i visited any site discussing on this topic i found out that their settings differs from each other, so i make sure to test them on my blog to see which will work.

I tested almost all the settings i got from the web on my blog then i discovered that many of them did not increase my SEO performance instead it hurt my blog SEO and also cause unnecessary errors in my Google Search Console (GSC) which took me about 2---3 months to get it fixed.

And each time i implement these settings i found on the web, i always used to wait for at least a few days or a week to see the results. Imagine the time frame, and the one that got me so angry was the Custom Robots Tags settings i implemented last. Could you believe this settings instruct Search engines to index unnecessary pages on my blog like: Search page, Label pages, etc which caused duplicate contents issues and whenever a user of the internet click on my posts from search engine; is either he landed on another search page or lands on a wrong post.

Until recently i noticed huge decrease in my Organic traffics then my instance tells me that the Custom Robots Tags settings is the cause of it, so i quickly visit my blogspot dashboard and i switched it off leaving it at it's default settings and after a week my traffics from Search engines started coming back.

So my advice for blogspot users is; don't even switched your Custom Robots Tags settings from it default settings because any mistake from you could cause huge negative impact on your site ranking..

I hope you enjoy reading this piece, so free free to drop your comment and don't forget to share to other blogspot users!!!!

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