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Will you believe me if i said, the era we are today everyone want to become the boss of himself. i guess many will agree with me, because working under someone can at times be stressful and very annoying, most especially if the boss you are working for is rude and not appreciative.  Everyone wants the best in life no one will love to work under a boss that is rude, doesn't trust his staff, not appreciative, full of insult etc. So 95% staff's of nowadays always Carry's this mentality of them becoming a boss of their own so as to avoid all of the above trash.

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Reasons why staff's would love to become a boss

To be frank, becoming a boss of yourself is always the best option for everyone because you no longer have to:

  • Take orders from anyone again
  • You can go to your place of work at anytime
  • You can decide for yourself
  • You will be the one to give orders etc.

But the issue there is which business are you going to indulge yourself in that will generate huge amount of money for you with less capital. i know capital is always the number one problem everyone face when starting a new business, so i decided to come up with today's article in order to help you make a right choice on which business you can start with less capital and earn extremely high.

Cheapest business to start in Nigeria

1). Start an entertainment or news blog

Starting a blogging business is really the best option for those who knows how to write well in Nigeria. According to residents living in Nigeria. It is said that 80--90% individuals living in the country loves "entertainment" and also loves to be current with the latest "news". So if you can start a blog then am pretty sure you will make more money from it.

What is a blog?
A blog is a discussion or an informational website.
Blogging is an online business you can start with less capital or no capital and earn huge amount of 💰 money than someone who is working in an office.

To be honest in other for you to earn real cash from blogging, you have to devote your time, efforts and of course know how to drive traffics to your blog before starting it.

If you are interested click here to learn how to create a blog in less than three minutes!!!

2). Start selling and registering of sim card business

Selling and registering of sim card is another business you can start in Nigeria with no capital and earn bountifully. This business doesn't require any skills to manage, it easy and cool, all you have got to do is go to the network provider office and fill a form then acquire all the necessary tools.

This business is trending because, almost everyone in Nigeria have a cellphone and there is no way you can be using a cellphone without inserting a sim card in it. but, earnings are kept secret. Do you know you can actually make 3× the amount of the money you use in purchasing a sim card? Am certain you don't know.

Let me me explain

For example
If you buy a sim card at the rate of #500, you can register it and resell it at the rate of #1500 -- #3000 to your customers.

To learn more about selling and registering sim card business click here.

3). Start POS business: 

Pos stands for (point of sales), this is another cheapest business yet profitable, because everyday people deals with money and most times people don't like going to bank and stay in a queue in other to make deposit, withdrawal or transfer money, so they usually make use of the POS machine as it is quick and fast.

To start this business all you have got to do is; go to any bank of your choice and request for a POS machine. Note: the requirements and steps to get a POS machine may differs like here in Kaduna state Nigeria to get a POS machine from Firstbank you need to open an account with them then have at least nothing less than #50,000 in it.
Additionally, they are other companies that issues POS machine for free. Example: Opay, Bix etc.

The most important, you earn when customers pays according to your charges and the charges could range from #100 - #500 depending on the transaction your costumers wants to make.

I hope you enjoy reading this piece, free free to drop your comment and please don't forget to share!!