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Naturally when we humans are getting old, alot of things we can do easily and perfect in our young age can be difficult to do in our late 35s and this calls for a career change if:

  • The nature of our occupation or profession is stressful
Stress is always the number one factor each and every humans at their 35s should run away from if they wishes to live long and healthy. though, some people in their 35s are still very strong, healthy and can cope with stress in any job, profession, occupation but, let me make you understand something about stress;

Stress weekend the body and it can pile up sickness against the future.
no wonder most people that works in the bank at their old age makes use of medicated eye glasses to see things clearly, that is the end result of the stress their eye have undergone and it is a good example of what stress can cause.

Another example is those that works in a construction site as a bricklayer you will notice almost all of them at their old age complain of backpain even when they no longer works in that field. that is what stress can cause in the life of human being.

So the earlier the better you change that career of yours if you see it very stressful or better still look for means to reduce stress in your career, and another best approach to tackle stressful career is to start a less-stressful business.

So today i will start by explaining two ways you can reduce stress in your career if you are not interested in changing your profession, before introducing you to some lucrative businesses you can establish with little capital and are proven to be less-stressful.

Those that are not interested in a career change should do this to reduce stress

  • Recruit workers: this is best for those with skillful profession which are not ready to took a change in their career or occupation. so gather as much people that are interested in learning that skills of yours and trained them, then bring them to your workspace for them to start working for you as an employees based on what you taught them.

    That is a way you can reduce stress in your career.
  • Know the areas that are stressful in your career and look for a solution: this is for those working for an organization or a company and in their 35s. For example those that works in a bank can get a sunshade eye glasses and put it on before operating the system and they can also reduce the brightness of their monitor.

    Another example, those that works in a producing factory should get a facemask and always put it on in other to prevent lungs infection.

 Here are examples of lucrative and less stressful business you can start

 There are lot of less-stressful business one can start in his late 35s--40s but am only going to list two and number three in this section will speaks generally on what to do when you have found yourself a business to start:

  1. Start POS business: Pos stands for (point of sales), this business does not require any stress in running, you sit and attend to customers or you can get an employee that we Nigerians called a sales boy or sales girl to be working for you.
    Again, this business is very lucrative because everyday people deals with money and most times people don't like going to bank and stay in a queue in other to make deposit, withdrawal or transfer money, so they usually make use of the POS machine as it is quick and fast.

    To start this business all you have got to do is; go to any bank of your choice and request for a POS machine. Note: the requirements and steps to get a POS machine may differs like here in Kaduna state Nigeria to get a POS machine from Firstbank you need to open an account with them then have at least nothing less than #50,000 in it.
    Additionally, they are other companies that issues POS machine too. Example: Opay, Bix etc.

    The most important, you earn when customers pays according to your charges.

  2. Open a provision store business: this is another profitable and less stressful business you can indulge yourself in at your 35s.

    This business is broad and wide you choose what you want to sell. you can choose to be selling clothes, shoes, food stuffs, mobile phones accessories etc. And all you do in this business is sell when customers comes to buy and you can always employ workers if you don't want to sell it yourself.

  3. Last but not the least you can start any business of your choice just make sure you are not stressing yourself, employ as many workers to work for you while you supervise.

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