Can landlords evict right now

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This question is one of the most asked questions between tenants & land owners and this question came as a result of the pandamic which befall almost all the countries in the world.

So today i will be given my honest answer about this topic but, before then i will like us to know the meaning of the word "evict" and "why this question"

Evict according to the dictionary is a (law) or action taken by a landlord compels for a tenant to leave the premises as by rendering the premises unfit for occupancy.

Note: there are many bad or unfitting behaviors a tenant can cause at is stay in your house, such as smoking, fighting, disobedient etc but, the unfitting behavior i am going to be discussing with you here in today's article is "rent" payment issues.

Now why this question?
Like i said earlier in this post that this article is for both the "tenants" and "landlords".

  • Tenants: Tenants are the ones that are very much curious about this topic because most of them if not all have pending bills to clear and they are in great fear of landlord or landlady eviction. As we all know that the situation of every country is bad, things are not moving fine, businesses are not making sales like before, even money to buy food stuffs is hard to get, talk more of the money to pay for house rent.
  • Landlords: landlords too are curious about this question because they need money and they want to evict those that are not paying as well as those with bad behaviors.

So my answer is capital "No" to landlords you can not evict your tenants now due to Federal moratorium law on eviction, but i will only urge us we tenants to try as much as possible to settle our bills and not to be a torn in the flesh for our landlords.

In addition, obey the rule and regulations your landlords made.

Now what is moratorium law on eviction about?
It an order and under this order, a landlord, owner of a residential property, or other person with a legal right to pursue eviction or possessory action, shall not evict any covered person from any residential property in any jurisdiction to which this order applies during the effective period of the order.

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