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 before i start i will like us to know that the content of today's article is a quiz about "what challenges you as a business owner face when you set goals to be achieved".

Now i start, since the existence of business one of the biggest challenge each and every business owner faces in his business is how/ways to achieve the goals he or she set, so if someone or an entrepreneur asked you: What's the biggest strategic challenge you face in your business, how are you intending to answer?

Well every business owners have different kinds of strategic challenges he or she faces in his business so, today article i will start by giving my answers about some of these challenges i encountered when i try to achieve goals i set in my business.

  1. my number one biggest challenge is capital: Most times when i finish setting up or drawing a plan for my business, the fund to finance them became a problem to me, and this is as a result of my business not yet developed.

    so what i always do is limit my budget and achieve them one after the other, atimes it took me months to achieve the goals which i set but, always i make sure i achieve them all.

  2. second biggest challenge is my employees: my employee are not that capable, so whenever i introduce new plan to work on i will need to join them or else it something far from what i draw i will see at it's completeness.

    and again, most of them do not understand English language so i always get someone that will interprete what i said in English to them in their own language.
    Not that i can not sack them and employ another workers but within that community i have no choice than to accept them the way they are.

  3. third biggest challenge is where to get the things i need: After drawing a plan like how to improve the quality of my product i need to travel outside that community to get what i want, because here most people practice farming.

    So most times i ordered for the goods to be transported to my place or i send one of my employee to get it for me.

That are my biggest strategic challenges i faces in my business.
Please drop yours through the comments box let us learn from what you faces.