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They are many things that can cause less or no products patronage in business, but today i will explain four things i usually do whatever i experience this kind of issue in my business.

1). I check my product: 

Number one factor that can hinder people from not patronizing you, his your products. If your products is not satisfying, customers will never love to come and buy from you. People loves to buy goods that are okay, so if you are running out of patrons then you can apply this method of checking what is wrong with your products, if actually your products is having issues, then look for a way to fix them. After fixing them, also look for a way to convince people to buy.  

To convince people to buy your products again, you have to start by making your goods less in price and do some kind of promo, which is "buy one, get one for free". You know the nature of humans, we all crave and bid for awoof stuffs, so this method will help you get back to them in no time, and once you see that more people are coming to buy your products then you can start increasing the price little by little.

2). I check my attitude and friendliness:

Customers can be sometime hard to figure out and through my research i discovered that atimes the products you offered for sales may not be the one causing low or no patronage, it may be your "Attitude" that is driving customers away from patronizing you.

And again i learnt something from my boss that taught me how to repair cellphones. each time a customer brought phones for repairs most especially the young ones, is either he addresses them as a "boss or chairman" which i believed that too contribute to increase in patronage. so if it your attitude please change it and learn to respect each and every customers that comes to purchase from you.

3). I look for successful entrepreneurs and learn what they did to increase customers patronage: 

I believe in learning new things, don't limit yourself to what you have known long ago, having said this; customers can be unpredictable and by sorting for answers from successful entrepreneurs can help you learn what customers needs are and how to capture their attentions.   In addition, there are books online you can read to learn how to increase customers patronage, just type on google "how to increase customers patronage" and see the results.

4). I promote my business physically and online:  

You too can do the same thing by running online campaigns through Google AdWord and social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at affordable price. but before you start you need to browse and learn how to run campaigns in the above names mentioned, if not you will be the one losing.

And for the physical promotion, you can get or hire a vehicle loaded with musical instruments such as: speaker, amplifier, a generator and get people that will dance, then start playing songs to draw people attention and once you have their attentions start marketing your products and services.   


Thanks for reading... I hope you enjoyed reading, please share and free free to drop your comments.