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Learning an handwork and being perfect in it, is the joy of every serious apprentice because at the end of the learnings, the boss will conduct what we Nigerians called "Freedom", meaning setting an apprentice free so he or she can start the business and become the boss of himself.

So today without taking much of your time i will explain three ways you can use to learn an handwork faster, but before then what is an handwork? An handwork in short form is a work done with hands.

Here are things you need to do to learn an handwork faster

3 things you need to do if you want to learn an handwork faster

  1. Always ask questions and practice: learning an handwork is the same thing as being in school, your boss is the teacher and you are his student. so any thing you are not clear with ask questions, if possible get a book and a pen or pencil and jot down everything you have been taught during the day, then practice when you got home, and also, develop the habit of standing next to your boss while in the workplace, as this will encourage your boss to show you more things than those distancing themselves.

  2. Be focused and avoid distraction: focus is the key to excellent, they is no way a divided mind will grab things. so whenever you are at the place of learning an handwork always concentrate, and don't let any thing cause distraction. i know most times co-apprentice causes distraction, but believe me not everyone you see learning an handwork have the same goals as yours. some are there because of their stubbornness, some are there to play, some are there because they just want to learn something.

  3. Learn from senior apprentice: Some boss may not have time to teach you his apprentice, but you can always learn from senior apprentice you met there. Just like me when i was learning how to repair a cellphone, i learnt everything from my senior because my boss happens to have another branch so he is not always around at the place i was.
    So if you are unlucky like me then you have no choice than to learn from your seniors and if you are lucky still learn from your seniors as this will contribute to you learning faster.

Now let me lists out top handworks, for those of you who wants to start learning newly and in short of ideas on which one to learn.

Lists of top handwork to learn (Guys)

1). mobile phone and laptop repairs
2). Tailoring
3). Barbing
4). Shoe, bag and belt making
5). Home electronics repairs
6). Plumbing
7). Furniture
8). Tiles installation
9). Pop
10). Welding
11). Mechanic
12). Wristwatch repairs
13). Satellite installation
14). Screeding 
15). Panting
16). Roofing

Lists of top handwork to learn (Ladies)

1). Make-up artists
2). Hair dressing and plaiting of hair
3). Tailoring
4). Beads making
5). Decoration
6). Baking
7). Snacks production and catering services
8). Production of organic skin care products
9). Soap making

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