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A unit workshop is a single but complete workplace having two or more workshops for different or specific kind of goods making, repairs, handcrafting within a large building or an area. 

Or you can simply defined a unit workshop as a workplace in a workspace.

A unit workshop can be in any form: "Garage, Room, Factory, Industry, Shop, Studio". in as much as it is single, equiped with complete working tools and can be found together with other workshops under the same roof, building or a workspace then it is a unit workshop.

Workshops within a unit workshop is likely to produce or render the same or different kind of goods and services. for example a unit workshop like "Computer village" in Kaduna state Nigeria have combination of about 4 workshops in its workspace. some repairs phones, some repairs laptops, some repairs spoiled mp3 and some repairs chargers for laptops and phones so it not a must all workshops within a unit workshop should render the same kind of services.

Lastly a unit workshop is best for those looking for a workshop, if it is a micro workspace. A micro workspace is a workspace built only for a particular purpose. just like the example i stated above about computer village in Kaduna. This workspace is mainly for mobile and anyone visiting, is there solely for either mobile phone laptop, mp3 or  chargers repairs. 

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