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This question is asked, mostly by novice entrepreneurs who newly launch a workshop or an entrepreneur who is about to engage in one business or the other. Though they are numerous names an entrepreneur can use to name a workshop. If someone asked; what did you name your workshop? then he is looking for an idea, sample, knowledge and experience from you in other to come up with the right and best name that will correspond with his workshop.

How to name your workshop, effect of wrong workshop name on business, all of these i will explain in today's article.

How to name your workshop

1. Know the english level of your targeted audience:

Before you name your workshop, first you need to know the level of english your targeted audience understood. by knowing this, you are one step forward in finding a best name for your workshop, because not everyone who knows how to read can easily translate what they see. So for the sake of your audience please avoid the use of grammar, just use simple and easy to pronounce workshop name that even an illiterate will be able to pronounce and understood what the workshop is all about.

2. Use a simple name that encapsulate the services you rendered:

This part is very important when naming a workshop, because most people don't usually read all the details contains in a company banner. For example a workshop for mobile phone repairs, sim card sale, point of sale (POS) and recharge card sale can be named "Ken communication" and with this name people can easily guess what kind of services you rendered even before going through it's contents. 

Here are other samples of a workshop names: "Food is ready" for personal restaurant
"Dan Nigeria enterprise" for building business
"Habby bread" for bread business.

3. Know everything about your workshop:

This may sound out of point but it is the truth, because most entrepreneurs i have met on several occasions worring, or struck in giving their workshop a name do not know much about the workshop in real sense. So make sure you enough about your workshop, even when you know still make research and coming of a best, perfect and enticing workshop name will never be your problem.

Effect of wrong workshop name on business: 

The one and only effect a wrong workshop name can cause is: it will make you loss customers. 

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