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The word agriculture is generally used to encapsulate two things which is "plants" and "Animals" while diseases reduce it's strength, quality and quantity.

Diseases have cure, but prevention against it is better because before the cure, you may likely to loss more or some of your agricultural produce if not all and prevention against disease in agriculture zero chances of unknown attacks. 

So here are two disease prevention method in agriculture.

1). Fix time for spraying antibiotics chemicals on your plants, and giving your animals antibiotics drugs:


Spraying antibiotics chemicals before it attacks prevents your crops or plants against disease agents like virus, fungals, bacterias. These antibiotics chemicals can easily be gotten from the market and it is advisable to purchase the ones that as already been mixed, and if you can't find mixed ones, you can purchase it separately and mix it when you got home before spraying. reason is, no one can tell which disease agent may likely to launch attacks on your plants. 

And this activity should have a fixed time you carried it out. for example Vegetable crops can be sprayed in every two weeks, Non-vegetable crops like maize can be sprayed in every three weeks or monthly before it maturity stage.


Just like the plants, animals also need antibiotics drugs to stand against disease. Some of these antibiotics drugs can be added to their drinking water, feeds and some needs to be injected through a needle. So before heading to the market to buy antibiotics drugs for your animal first, get a prescription from a well experienced veterinary  doctor that have solid knowledge about the animal you are rearing presently. After that, give it accordingly as prescribed and don't increases the quantity or missed the time to give them.

2). Strengthen your soil and keep your animals environment clean at all time:


Soil is an important factor in plant cultivation. If the soil is fertile and in good shape it will makes the plants or crops grows healthy, greenish, strong and resistance to some of these diseases naturally without the use of antibiotics chemicals. 
So use this two methods and strengthen your soil: 
  • Buy fertilizer or manure and sprayed on your farm land. 
  • Adapt transplanting system to strengthen your soil. (transplanting system means: Leaving a piece of land for two to three years to regain it's lost nutrients naturally). 


They is an adage which says cleanliness is next to godliness and any where that is clean will always be free from disease agents. so keep your animals environment clean at all time, replace their water regularly and feed them well as this is natural and common ways to prevent disease from attacking your animals. 

In conclusion prevention is always the best option to employ than seeking for cure or solutions.

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