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 Despite the increasing difficulty in getting good jobs due to prevailing selfishness, godfatherism, ethnocentrism and the recurring retrenchment at the workplace, the truth remains that there are jobs in the country for the brightest and the best. The opportunities are such that after bagging degrees in your course of study, you can secure a good job and build a successful career in your chosen field. So to maximize the opportunities that lie here, you must do the following. 

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  1. Do not entertain the notion that there are no good jobs: The truth is, there will continue to be companies who will recruit great minds. So be patient and keep applying until you secure a better job for yourself.

  2. Beware of the big-company mentality: Many graduates want to work for big companies without any thought or consideration for the so called small and upcoming ones. So do not despise days of small beginnings.

  3. The responsibility of managing your career lies with you and non other: Rather than blaming your parents, government, Satan, God for your past and present challenges. Focus on your glorious future by taking personal responsibility for your life and destiny. 

  4. Do what you love and love what you do: Career success is halfway guaranteed if you are doing what you love consequently and you need to set worthwhile career goals based on your interests, passion, values, ambitions and personality traits. 

  5. Do effective research about your companies of your choice so you don't lose such opportunities when they come your way: You should also take advantage of your network while seeking for good jobs. This network includes your family, friends, relations, professional colleagues, almamaters, church, brethren etc. Your task is to recruit them as advocates who can "showcase and advertise" your skills and competencies. 

  6. Consider volunteering and working for free: These allows you to showcase what you can do to potential employers and will also help you to acquire skills, work experience and access. You cannot tell if the company may eventually consider hiring you when they see you as relevant and irresistible. They may also help you with access through shut doors of choice companies. Just a phone call can always do this for you. 

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  8. Make sure you are doing something: It is a pity that several graduates don't do anything while in search of a good job. Every serious minded graduate should get involved in something worthwhile as this will count to your advantage during an interview. 

  9. Be creative: (do what others do in an improved way), manage relationships and manage yourself. 

  10. Career success is a continuous process: If you don't like what you are doing or getting, then make a career switch. Always seek to make the best of any situation (even if bad) and learn to develop skills and competencies in other areas of your interests. 

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