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1). Make sure you take risks 

To become successful in life is not easy neither is it a day job. you need to take this as a challenge and look for a way to survive. Knowing this fact will inspire you and empowered you to face any kind of risks you expose yourself to. if you succeed after taking a risk then you will enjoy the benefits and if you did not succeed don't be disappointed keep on trying until you are successful.

2). Have full confidence in yourself 

To succeed, you have to trust in yourself first before others can have faith in you and having full confidence in yourself will make you achieve greatness, uniqueness and success in whatever things you are doing. So expect great things and great things will eventually comes your way.

3). Be patient 

Patience solve all things, if you start a business newly it requires time, effort and hard working before that business prosper. So as an entrepreneur you will surely face some difficulties while running a business but is requires patience to solve those difficulties. So therefore be patient and stay focused.

4). Set/list out important goals and achieve them 

Setting of goal as to do with an entrepreneur identifying, deciding or writing down things he or she needs to do or work towards (accomplishment). When you write out things you need to achieve, it makes it easier to remember and faster to accomplish. Most business that are successful today are based on setting and achieving of goals. if you want to grow your newly started business always consider planning and setting your goals first before anything and also make sure those goals you set are achieved by all means. You can get a diary or notebook for this and if you are jotting out goals to be achieved, always remember to include it with solutions or ways to accomplish them. Don't just narrow them down, but have it in mind.

5). Seek for advice from experience entrepreneurs

A new business can be grown when you consult or seek for answers from experience people that are in the same field of yours, you get to know about some new tricks and strategies of business through them. So if there is something you are not clear with ask questions. there is no point deceiving yourself that you know something when you actually don't know anything about it.

6). Advertise your business on social media

Social media is a place where you can find millions of people that are interested in your products. Social media such as Facebook and Twitter offers you opportunity to create an advert for your business and run it all over their platform with just a little token from you. So, as a novice entrepreneur you have to take this option serious and work towards it.

7). Value what your customers says 

Customers are like analysts they are good in analyzing things they purchase, if your product satisfy them they will surely gives credit for it, but if your product is not up to their taste they will murmur and complain about it. So as a young entrepreneur please always watch what your customers are saying about your products because it from their opinions you will know whether your products is okay or not. 


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