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Over the years predicting of businesses that will never run out of patronage as being a major and most difficult challenges in business-sphere. A business trending today may easily run out of patronage tomorrow, so this challenge as brought fear to some new entrepreneurs and existing ones since no one knows the future.

Well it may not be an easy task to tell which particular business will continue trending and which that will run out of patronage, but we can always predict things. So in today's article i will be introducing you to 5 businesses that will never gone out of business in future, but before then let me briefly explain one factor that can be used to determine which business will run out of business.

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Location: location is one of the most important factor in business venture and this factor can easily tells which/what type of business that will run out of patronage in the nearest future. I discovered this fact when i travelled to Kano state in Nigeria to get fairly used phone and accessories to sell for my customers. In the state i found out that people living there love wearing latest designers, so if a fashion designer or a professional taylor opens a shop there, am very sure is business will never run out of patronage because people living there are interested in fashion. but the state am residing, a fashion business may run out of patronage because people here don't care about latest or trending designers.

So here are five business that will never gone out of patronage

1). Sim card business: 

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As being a trending business since it's existence and will never run out of patrons because every day people buy sim card, recharges their phones and do welcome back when they lost their phones. So here are opportunities that lies in sim card business:

  • Recharge card printing business
  • Welcome back business for lost or damage sims
  • Selling and registering of sim card business.

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2). Fashion business: 

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This business is one of it's kind so it will never run out of business because people will always wear cloth no matter how worst the economy is and again clothes covers humans secret according to a Yoruba adage.
And it not a must you go for new clothes, you can actually start with Grade-2 clothes known as Gwanjo in Hausa language and start selling it cheap and affordable price.

Or you can open a fashion designer shop (tailor) and start sewing clothes for people but before then you need to learn tailoring handwork to be able to start this business, or better still employ fashion designer if you do not want to undergo the stress of learning.

3). Music studio business: 

music studio

Studio business will always be trending and will never gone out of patronage because music cools the brain and music is an old form of entertainment which remains the best in entertainment-industry and a lot of people are picking interest in becoming a musician in other to gain fame.

4).Salon business:

Haircut salon

Hair growth on humans head is a blessing from God and i love the way we appreciate that through; barging, washing, fixing etc. this business is nice and will never run out of patronage because hair is said to be the beauty of everything humans and the more we take care of it, the more we appears to be attractive.

5). Pharmacy business: 

Medicine pharmacy shop

Sound health matters a lot in every human life. A pharmacy business is very lucrative and a business that will never run out of patronage because people buy medicine day in day out in other to recover from their sickness and to stay healthy.
Note: you need solid knowledge about drugs in other to start this business.

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