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One area that students and youths are being encouraged to go into at the highest level of government in Nigeria is Agriculture and if you are not currently in the Agricultural sector either passively or actively, you are missing out. Agriculture is wide, so let me give a quick breakdown of the value chain of Agriculture and let's see if any of it will interest you. The value chain of Agriculture starts with farming, then to processing, marketing, logistics. Here are the opportunities that lies within each value chain.

Opportunities in Value chain of Agriculture


Do you know you can plant maize at its season and become an overnight millionaire? Do you know you can start as small as planting vegetables and exporting it to African stores abroad? Do you know rice has the highest profit turnover in Agriculture and it can be harvested within a maximum of 4 months after planting? I am sure you don't know how much exposure you will gain by rearing snails or pigs, or if you choose to do poultry or forestry. All these are money spinning businesses, but you have to be focused to choose one and do well in it. If you are enticed to practice 3 or 4 at a time, that is an official invite to failure.


Farming is good but processing is better. The best thing a farmer does after farming is to sell off his produce to off takers. However you will be making triple gains if you look into the value addition of what you plant. For instance, i plant rice, maize and cassava as a young farmer but beyond planting, i process my rice into a packaged product so i have what i call premium Ofada Rice (100% stone free). The stone free is the value behind the rice. We are all familiar with people processing Cassava into garri but i moved ahead by adding a value. So i process my cassava into what i call Coconut garri, with students and working class as my target market. So, we can see that farming is important but processing is much more important. All of these have their agronomy system so don't just jump at it without being mentored.


You might not have all it takes in terms of time, land, credit facilities etc. to practice farming but this value chain requires little from you. How does it work?

You can choose to market Agricultural produce, i.e. fresh from farm to table. For instance, am a distributor of Coconut Garri in Delta state and i sets a target of 200,000 students' buyers for myself every month out of over million population of Delta. If what i gets as profit on each product after logistics and other expenses is N3. That means i will be earning #600,000 monthly as a middleman between my product and the end users. You could be smart enough like me to divide your profit and employ more sellers working for you. N1 profit multiply by 2 million buyers as compared to N3 multiply by 200,000 buyers. Marketing sector of Agriculture is somewhere you want to be if you really don't have the strength or zeal for core farming and processing. But don't forget, you need someone to hold you by your hands if don't want to get your hands burnt.


70% of harvested product such as tomatoes never gets to the market due to logistic issues thereby leading to post harvest loses. Do you know what it means to provide means of transportation for Agricultural produce? If you can provide one bus for transportation, this could become 20 buses in a year if you are diligent enough in the sector.


Each of the above sector requires significant hand-holding and long-time nurturing. Success requires patience, continuous learning and continuous innovation and embracing new techniques. Success in the sector cannot be achieved without significant investment in research, infrastructure development, grants, aids and continuous training. 


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