Agriculture is a large scale farming enterprise and it is far beyond cultivating of land and rearing of animals. Agriculture as being in existence since before the creation of humans and it is a special sector that serves as a means of survival to each and every human on this planet earth. 

Agriculture is life, Agriculture is shelter, Agriculture is business, all of this will be discussed briefly in today's article but, before i start i will like us to know that the main purpose of this article is clearly to make people see the usefulness of agriculture and why we should practice it.

Agriculture is life:


Almost everything we humans needs to stay alive and healthy are made or processed from agriculture, without agriculture no one will survive. Medicine, drugs, roots, herbs we took in other to recover from illness are all gotten or processed from agriculture. food, meat, drinks, fruits, salads, vegetable consumed for satisfaction are not excluded.

Agriculture is shelter: 


Processed materials from agriculture can be used to build shelter. example: hut can be constructed with various local materials such as: wood, grass, palm leafs, branches, fabric etc. those things are all gotten from Agriculture. Clothes we wear today are made of different materials and the source is from agriculture, even an umbrella used to keep off rain is made with materials processed from agriculture.

Agriculture is business: 


Agriculture is a nice and very lucrative business one can indulge in if all the necessary resources are available. these resources are: land, water, equipment, seeds, livestock etc. Agriculture as a lot of value chain which in return opens rooms for business opportunities. Here are four value chain opportunities that lie in Agriculture: Farming, Processing, Marketing, Logistics.

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In conclusion, those are the three things Farmers wish people could understood about Agriculture. 


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