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Episode 1

Grin, grin, grin my alarm woke me up, it's pass 6am time to prepare for lectures, i quickly recite the Lord's prayer and went straight to the bathroom to take my bathe.

Sorry for the late introduction, my name is Ephraim danlami, am squatting with a friend off campus, i am 20 years old, am studying Math and statistics as a course in Kaduna state polytechnic and this is my last semester to round off my N.D (National Diploma) programme.

So in the bathroom, i wash myself, bushed my teeth, came out and make some breakfast for myself and my friend Sani then headed out to receive lectures.

Episode 2

At the front of my house, i stopped a taxi going to Kaduna state polytechnic and i hopped in. I got to school exactly 8:00am waiting for the lecturer because lectures commence 8:30am daily. 

Now it's 8:30am our Head of department (h.o.d) walked in and greeted: "Hi students" we all stood up and answered good morning sir. 

I turned right and left i saw curiosity in the eyes of my fellow coursemate because our h.o.d don't usually visit unless he have important information to pass across to us.

So after answering him "Good morning sir" he asked us all to take our sits and said: "My students this semester being the last in these section, all students are expected to come up with a project topic whereby he or she will carry out some and also write something meaningful about it. And since it N.D (national diploma) not H.N.D (higher national diploma) programme we will be having it in groups "three in a group" and he also promised to relieve us from our lectures.

Episode 3

Just before he left, the h.o.d handover a sheet of A4 paper to our classrep. This A4 paper contains (project group lists, names and project supervisor). So after he left, the classrep place the A4 paper at the notice board and everyone was busy searching and meeting with people on the lists the h.o.d provided.

But my own case is different i did not check the list that day, i think it was two or three weeks later i checked it even after checking, i did not look for any of my project group members  because with the circular going viral about projects makes me to prepared badly for it before resuming the semester.

I currently have three projects topics and it's write up materials so that makes me relaxed.

Episode 4

It's thursday morning during the break period a guy called Dele who is one of my project partner walks up to me and said to me "Ephraim i have been looking for you here and there concerning our project", how is it going to be? He asked; and he also said the third person called Lekan is on probation so he won't be joining us with the project.

I replied: Dele don't bother yourself as everything is on ground, the only thing is to scheduled a time to go and see our project supervisor with the project topics so he can approve one for us to worked on. Dele smiled and suggest we go the next day, i agreed with him and we both departed.

Episode 5

We went together the next day to see our project supervisor as scheduled. On getting there, our project supervisor approved the most simplex one for Dele and I and also gave us is contact number so we can reach him if he is out of office. 

So dele and i stepped out of our project supervisor office when we heard some of our coursemate murmuring angrily saying: "their project supervisor always disapprove all the project topics they brought before him" 

Dele and i look at each other with smile on our face and we both headed to a cafe shop together.

Episode 6

Good morning sir Dele greeted: "Sir how much will you print, photocopy and bind my partner and i projects" Dele asked. 

The cafe man named is price, instantly Dele paid him off and i took the project materials out from my bag and gave it to the man.

After a week we went back together, collect the materials and went straight to our project supervisor's office and submitted it.

The end

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