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Selling and registering of sim card is very lucrative, easy to start and fast growing business one can start in any country. This business does not require a lot from you before you can set it up and running, because virtually everything needed to start sim card company is provided by the service provider network.

What is sim card? 

Sim card is made of flat rubber with chip packed within it. Sim card connect you to your service supplier network where all calls and texts you sent are charged according to your tariff plan and can only be used once inserted into a cellphone. 

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What you need to start sim card company or business 

Well having said this earlier; all the necessary tools needed to start and get your sim card company running will be provided by the service provider network. Example of these tools are: Android device or Laptop for registration, free data sim to connect to the internet during costumer bio submission, book for jotting down customer details, thumb print scanner, umbrella, a white background banner for capturing customer image and a round table with two or three chairs for those who can't afford a shop rent.

The only thing you pay for is sim cards you sell to your customer and the space you occupied for the business.

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How to acquire the tools for registration 

To get this business started all you have got to do is to follow the below steps.

First: you have to visit each service supplier network closer to you. When i said each i mean Mtn, Etisalat, Airtel and Glo office. Tell them that you will like to go into sim registration business, that no body in your environment do sim registration.

Second: you will be given a form to fill, please fill it correctly and submit the form back to them. After submitting the form an agent will be assigned to follow you down to your place to survey the environment whether it is okay for the business. If it okay then you will be given all the necessary tools you need for the sim registration business and also, you will be taught on how to use them.

Third: Follow the same steps for each of the service supplier network in other to acquire all the tools for all network. Reason is this, Mtn tools can not be use to register an Airtel sim card neither can Airtel tools be use to register an Mtn sim verse-versa. 

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What to avoid when running your sim card company 

  1. Don't involve in illegal activities like using your image, details and thumb print to register new sim card for sell 

  2. Don't use a customer details to get a new sim card registered for the purpose of selling it as already registered to others who feels new registration is time consuming.

Profits of selling and registering of sim card 

Here are the profits one can make from selling and registering a sim card.

  1. You can buy a sim card at wholesale price as low as #500 equivalent to $1.3141 from the service provider network then register it and resell it at a cost of #900 or #1000 naira to your customers and if anyone brings a sim card that is not registered to you for registration, you can charge them #150 or #100 naira per registration. Note: those price mentioned above are not fixed-price. You can earn more than that, all depends on your location.

  2. The service supplier network will open an account on behalf of you, during which you will be paid #100 per registration monthly. when i said #100 per registration monthly, what i mean is this; if you registered 100 sim cards this month the calculation will be 100 * 100 which means #10,000 will be paid into your account for this month, and there is no limit to what you can earn. Because the higher the sims you registered the higher the money you will receive. 

  3. You also earn 50% - 90% interest on your customers recharges throughout the first month on Glo network, but other networks like Mtn, Airtel and Etisalat is once on first recharges.

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Sim card business plan

After starting this business you need a business plan that will guarantee success just as other businesses. here are what should be considered or included when preparing a sim card business plan:

  • How much will it cost you to supply unlimited sim cards.
  • How large of a facility will you require?
  • How large of a staff will you hire?
  • Will there be anything special for your customers to enjoy after buying or registration a sim card from you ?
  • Who will be your target markets?

SIM Cards can generate significant revenue for manufacturers, agents and sim cards sellers if only you could prepare an effective business plan.


Sim card business is among the best, profitable and lucrative telecommunication business one can start in any country without spending much capital. 

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