impact of poultry farming in nigeria

First let me start with definition of environmental impact; According to encyclopedia environmental impact is defined as any change to the environment, whether, adverse or beneficial, resulting from a facilitys, activities, products or services. Or in other words it is the effect that people's actions have on the environment.

Negative environmental impact of poultry farming in Nigeria is mostly "Air pollution". if you noticed Nigerians practicing poultry farming are land owners, companies and tenants with enough land scale to accommodate these environment changes.

These negative environment changes, like the "Air pollution" can be harmful and indigous to human health most especially asthmatic patient, and in the other hand it's "Dirty" can cause constant flies and environment irritations. So to prevent that from happening here are three preventive measures to stop negative environmental impact of poultry farming in nigeria

How to fix negative environmental impact of poultry farming in Nigeria

1). Always wash the ground and sweep regularly: 

It is advisable to wash the floor of your poultry farm on daily basis to prevent horrible smell coming out from their dungs, feeds and drugs. And it not a must to be you who do the cleaning, you can employ someone to be doing that for you if you can't.

2). Build a drainage channel that can takes away smelling water: 

Drainage channel is very important in poultry farming business, it is useful when you want to change or replace your animals drinking water, and it through this same channel you dispose or washes your animals feedings plates, drinking rubber, liquid drugs etc. so try and build one.

3). Check for dead animals: 

Dead things after some days causes strong, horrible smell and flies, so always check around your poultry farm to see if any of your animals are dead on daily basis, and if you found one kindly pick it up and dispose it far away from where people lives. if possible you can discard it into a well flowing river to take it away for you.

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