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 Episode 1

Am Joshua, i came from a well known wealthy family, am the only child of my parent. My dad is a contractor and is always busy with work and my mum too don't usually stays at home, is either she went to see a friend or out for party when dad leaves home to work. 

So, i never received attention nor enjoy parental love from them.  Even on sundays being a sabbath and  holy day for resting, my parents always have a place to go. So am always left alone, and whenever i requested for money from them i get double of it but i was never for once questioned on what i use it for.
so everything started right from there.

Episode 2

 I spend money on irrelevant things like (buying latest smartphones every weekend, partying, taking my friends out and others). Then got initiated by bad friends and i started smoking cigarettes, indian hemp, snuff cocaine and other hard drugs. 

Like an adge which says "bad company corrupts good manners".

I became so addicted to hard drugs that even my parents who are always away noticed and had to stop giving me money whenever i requested, but that doesn't stopped me because i knows where my parents usually kept their money so i always took from it when they're away. 

Episode 3

Three years later as i was smoking and drinking with my friends i fell and i was rushed to the hospital.
On getting there, the doctors conduct some tests on me and i was diagnosed with chronic liver disease which need urgent transplant for me to stay alive.

So, when my parents visited and learnt about my illness from the doctos, they looked so worried and felt very sorry for not been there for me when i needed them the most.

After some weeks the doctors were able to get a donor that matches my body so that is how my life was preserved. I stopped taking hard drugs and my parent are always here with me.

The end

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