The will

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Episode 1

Shade is a young beautiful girl who came from a poor background, her mum sells banana at the market, and her dad who works as a laborer fell at a construction site and was diagnosed with liver and kidney disease. The doctors said if he doesn't receive proper treatments he might die.

Episode 2

Just before her dad illness, shade was in relationship with bello. Bello happens to be a young handsome, tall black in complexion charming guy who loves shade, he as no family and relatives. He is poor, he lives in a room apartment, but he is caring, faithful and hardworking.

And there is also a wealthy man called Chief Mike. Chief Mike is interested in shade, countless time he used to ask shade for her hand in marriage after the dealth of his late wife Abike. But shade always turned him down because of bello.

Now her dad is ill, no money to pay for dad treatments. She turn left, turn right no one to assist and the money her mum earns from selling banana won't be enough to buy a tablet talk more of paying for her dad's treatments, so she had no choice than to accept Chief Mike proposal in exchange for her dad's treatment.

Chief Mike married Shade and was blessed with one child.

Episode 3

Five years later Chief Mike gave up the ghost. Chief Mike before dieing, he willed 70% of his properties to shade and his son then the remaining to his junior brother John and the rest of his family.

John his junior brother being a greedy and selfish man went ahead and bribed the lawyer who is in possession of his late brother will and altered it. He diverts 70% of his late brother properties to himself 20% to his family and 10% to his late brother wife and child. And on top of that he wants to inherit shade his late brother's wife to himself.

Episode 4

Shade told her friends about it, her friends were angry, and they all decided to help shade. One of them gave shade a highly competent lawyer's contact number. Shade pick up her phone and dialed the number then scheduled meeting the next day. 

Shade got to the lawyer's office exactly the time they scheduled. On getting there, it was bello her ex-fiance that is the competent lawyer. She explained everything from A.........Z to him and begged to assist her. Bello got angry and decided not to take the case because of what Shade did to him in the past. 

Episode 5

Lawyer bello went back home and told his wife about Shade case. Thank God for lawyer's bello wife she is a God-fearing woman so instead of condemning Shade, she begged and urged her husband lawyer bello to take the case and help Shade.

The next day lawyer bello started looking for evidence to prove that Chief Mike's will was altered. He search and searched, but he couldn't found any, so he went to meet late Chief Mike lawyer and threatened to expose him if he did not provide the original copy of the will and also offered to keep his job safe if he did exactly as he was told. 

Late Chief Mike lawyer was scared, so he quickly accepted and provide the original copy. 

That is how lawyer bello collected everything back for Shade.

The end

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