The red

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Episode 1

Am John member of a secret cult called the Red. The red is a secret cult formed in vigi village not too far from my home. This secret cult rendered help and assistance to the powerless. In this cult we have great people as member of the cult.

We the red's helps each other, we don't have a leader everyone in this cult are considered as a leader young or old we're united as one and any issue brought before us receives solution be it physical, spiritual, finance just in all aspects we provide solution.

Episode 2

My friend Bankole was the one who introduced me to it and at first i had no interest in joining this secret cult because my parent always warned me never to join or participate in any cult, but after my dad's death i felt so worry, hopeless and very eager to uncover the truth i learnt from mum that dad was killed by some hired assassin on his way home from work. 

Episode 3

My dad is a secretive type most especially when it comes to his business, he never discussed anything that happen during the day at work with my mum. So after his death they were no single suspect nor a clue that leads to the murderer.

So, it got to a point that the policemen in charged of my dad's case started suspecting my mum of dad's death. Because whenever they asked my mum about my dad's close friends, business partner or someone he had issues with when he was alive. She always answered; "No" she doesn't know anyone and that looks suspicious.

Episode 4

Like i said earlier my friend Bankola was the one who introduce this cult to me and when i saw that the police are suspicious of my mum, i made up my mind to go extra mile even if it will cost my life to search for my late Dad murderer. So i called bankole my friend on the phone, and we both went to the red's hideout.

On getting there, i saw how mighty the place was, i kneeled before them explaining my problem and cries for help.

Few weeks later, my dad's murderer was caught by the red's and it happens to be his junior brother who always pays us a visit. No one suspect him because he was too kind, friendly, charming and looks too saint to be a murderer. So the red's hand him over to the police and he was charged to court then sentence to death by the judge.

The end 

            Thanks for reading.....

Am glad i joined the red.


  • Is it good to join a cult?
  • Are there good cult as the red in your state?

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  1. Nice storyline.
    And for the question you thrown, i must said it not good to join a cult be it good or bad.