The bible saves me

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I am Joshua, i work as a teacher at winner girls secondary school, i live with my grandmother in kaku. Kaku is a small town not recognized on the state map, it is 80km away from the state capital. We are predominantly Christians, we love God and we love each other. We don't have everything but we share everything. Farmers, fishermen, traders, teachers and we've all lived as one. But one day! a day i will never forget in my life. 

The students am teaching are going for excursion and i was assigned by the management to go with them since am the one taking them. So, that morning before leaving home i and my grandma had a devotional prayer and after the prayer my grandma asked me to recite a passage in the bible which i failed to, so she gave me her bible and said to me: 

"My son i have nothing to give to you on this journey you are about to embark on, but i have my Bible take it", i collected it and headed to school. 

So when i got to school, i gathered all the students that are going for the excursion on the assembly ground and gave them instructions and left in a chattered bus.

On our way going, my students were happy, singing, taking pictures and gisting, until we gets to a village named narri which is not too far from our destination and falls into the hands of herdmen. Instantly the driver was shot dead and the rest of us were taken captives. Our hand were tied, heads covered with black piece of cloth and we were all dragged to their hideout.

On getting to the hideout, the leader of the herdsmen ordered me killed, that he is only interested in the students.
They brought me and just about to kill me a passage of the bible crossed my mind and i started reciting it. This was the passage:

"In my father's house they are many mansion's and if it were not so i wouldn't have gone to prepared a place for you" continuously.

The leader of the herdmens heard me, and stopped the execution then said to his gang members it seems our net have cought a big whale. We have a prince in our midst which will fetches us huge amount of money. 

He ordered the second time saying, i needs is things so i can get his dad's contact number. The gang members brought it and just as he was searching, he came across the bible my grandmother gave to me and said to himself what is this?

He became so obsessed with it and decided to ask one of the female students to read for he and his right hand man.

And before the incident, the leader of the herdmen had issues with sleep he can't fell asleep for the past three months after empowering himself with charms and his right hand man too can't poop. But to God be the Glory that day he sleept like a baby and his right hand man go to toilet more than four times that day. 

Everyone in the gang were surprise, the leader of the herdsmen comes virtually everyday to fetch a student to read the word of God for him so he can sleep.

After then he and his gang members came to me and asked me to lead them to Christ, which i did and they all got repented. The next day they called the police surrendered themselves and were arrested.

The end

            Thanks for reading......

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