Spoiled child

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 I am John, i arose from family of three. Am the least and the only male child. Aminat and Medinat are the names of my elder sisters. Dad is a furniture and Mom works in 60.80 FM radio station as a presenter.

Aminat the eldest got married to one of the richest man in our state and Medinat the second born is still schooling so she comes home every weekend and leaves very early on monday.

This is where it all started

Being the only male child in my family, my parents cherish and parmpard me alot more than the rest children and all of this started right after i came into this world, and i was once told by Aminat my eldest sister that mom and dad celebrated my naming ceremony in a grand way and according to her, five mighty cows were slaughtered on that day. 

So, i never received beaten or corrected in anyway by my parents everything i does is always right, but if any of my sisters did something wrong they will be punished and my parents never allow me do any house work, even washing of my boxers are done by my elder sisters, mom and the house help.

 My parents never jokes when it comes to me, they virtually grant every of my wish, even neighbors, friends, teachers know that "my place is no-go area", no one dare touches me. The last time i got into a fight with a friend at the school, my parents use police to arrest the other opponent, but deep down of me i knew am the one guilty. I no conscience, i don't have a regard for anyone old or young, am so rude, totally dependent and arrogant, i sees everyone below myself.

So, when i got to ss3 i lost both of my parents in a car accident and since then life as been so hard for me. I can't control even a bird talk more of humans, i started facing reality of life, though i later adjust but it took me time and prayers.

 The end

        Thanks for reading.....

lesson learnt 

parents please don't parmpard your children too much, let there be a time you canned them, remembered foolishness is bound up in the heart of a child, but the rod of discipline drives it far from him.

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