Something leads to picking interest

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Episode 1

Paul and samson are childhood friends who grew up in kigo town of Kaduna. They are both Christians and neighbors who lives under the same roof. Samson his a pianist who plays the piano for the Redeem Christian Church of God (R.C.C.G) throne of grace parish located at narayi road kaduna and paul his friend was just an ordinary member in his own church. They both attend winner comprehensive academy. 

Winner comprehensive academy is owned by group of wealthy Alhajis living in that community and is known to be the best among others. The school fee is affordable, teachers are punctual, neat and performing their duties perfectly, the school also provide free education to less privileges.

Episode 2

So one day during the break period at the school, paul and samson with some guys who always plays together got into serious argument about this:

Samson said: "I can plays the piano like a professional now", paul and the rest guys laughed, mimicked and make mockery of Samson. Saying " you that started learning how to plays the piano some months ago is now bragging". 

Samson: "Am not bragging but telling you guys what i have got". None of them believed samson including his best friend paul, instead paul and the rest guys invite samson to come and play at a youth concert which is to held next coming Sunday at Paul's church. Samson accepted and they all agreed.

Episode 3

A day before the youth concert, paul and the rest guys pays Samson a visit to reminds him of the next day. Samson immediately pickup his phone in their presence and dialed is choir master number to notify him that he will be around for tomorrow service and ended the call.

finally, the day as arrived samson dressed in his best attire and went to meet paul with the rest guys and left.
On getting there, the program as already started people are dancing, clapping and praising God. Now it samson turn to minister as the program anchor calls him up to the stage to perform.

Samson had a little fear in his heart as today been the first time to minister in paul church, but as he mount the sit and began to play the piano everywhere started shaking, hailing from the members, people passing-by are all nodding their heads, even members that doesn't like dancing dance to samson ministration.

Paul and the rest guys were surprised and shocked about Samson's performance because he was really playing like a professional as he said.

After that day paul pick interest in learning how to play the piano and he decided to learn from samson.

The end

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