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David is a young looking handsome guy who graduated from university of abuja he did is National Youth Service (corps) in kano state and now he is a C.E.O and founder of dav-rubber producing company world wide. 

He never associated himself with any lady talk more of dating when he was in school and during his year at the youth service.

 "According to him he believes women/ladies are distraction which can diverts a man focus and attention".

Episode 2

One day his mum call on him and said: David my son i have never seen you with a lady before or are you not going to get married?  

David answered: Mummy i will get married it just that i haven't seen the one my heart longs for and beside is that why you called me? 

David's mum answered: Yes my son.

David: if that is all i will like to take my leave, because i have some board meeting to attend and i don't want to be there late. 

David's Mother: Alright my son just be fast about what we discussed because time is not on any mans side and his mum see him off to where he packed his car and they both departed. 

Episode 3

David got home around 6:00 pm after the board meeting and started pondering over what his mom said to him earlier today. He pondered and pondered until a thought dropped into his mind. This was the thought: "Let me even kneel down and ask God in prayer to lead me to my future partner".

He did just as the spirit leads him and through out that night he prayed fervently till the next day and took his bathe then went to work.

Few months later, on his way back from work he met a beautiful lady called Abike. David move closer to her, made is intentions known and exchange contacts.

Thereafter, David and Abike got married and were blessed with two kids. 

The end

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