My dad brother and his wife

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Episode 1

Am james by name, i came from a wealthy family, am the only child of my parent, when i was 12 years old i lost them in a plane crash incident and since then life as being a living hell for me.

My dad, before his death left huge fortune for me that can last me till eternity even if i decided not to work, but the issue is my dad brother and his wife. They took over every of my dad's properties.

Episode 2

We live together in one of the biggest house my dad had in Lagos. Am like a ghost in that house because i never receive any attention. No one cares about me, no one cares if i have eaten or not, no one bothers about how i feels. All they know how to do is lavish money on irrelevant things, traveling from one country to another, taking their children out for lunch and spending quality time enjoying themselves without me. At times if i requested for money like $10 they will give me $2 and said to me "No money things are not moving smoothly these days".
Am also the one doing laundry for their children, cleans the house, wash the toilet, tidy the sitting room and other domestic work like running of erans.

So this got to a point that i had to run away from the house because the slavery is becoming too much and harder to bear. Even when i left the house none of them bothered looking for me.

Episode 3

After leaving the house, i joined some street boys and started staying under the bridge. We caters for our need through begging of money and food. At times we do run some little operations like (stealing, snatching and pickpocket) from people at the market to survive.

So one day as i was trying to steal, a police caught me, and took me to station. The police man is known to be a man of integrity and compassionate, so he ask me this questions "Why am i stealing?" And "Where are my parents?" I couldn't said anything only tears was rolling from my eyes, the police man quickly calm me down and bought me some food then take me to his house.

Episode 4
I stays there for a month and some days, now i was happy and becoming free with the police man. So the police man knew and still repeat is questions "Where are my parents?" I answered and narrates everything to the police man about how my dad brother and his wife seized everything my dad left for me.
The police man felt sorry for me and asked if i can still remember my Uncle face and house, that he his ready to collect everything back for me and also punish him for what he did, i answered "Yes" and the police man went back to sleep.

The next day, the police man invited my Uncle and his wife to the station and charges them to court.

The end
This short story shows how wicked the world is and how God can see someone through the storm of life.

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