My little childhood experience about kabala west

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Am ken by name,  i grew up in kabala west southern part of Kaduna state in Nigeria. This part of the country contains mixture of Christians and Muslims and as a result fighting always took place almost everyday between these two religion (religion riot). 

Fighting for something that doesn't worth fighting for. Muslims bombing churches, Christians bombing mosques, killing of innocent souls, thugs everywhere. 

Kabala west as never been a peaceful place to stay and the roads are bad full of gallops (hills and valleys), bad electricity, water are dirty and the lands are not fertile for farming. 

My family and i just had to stay there because we have no choice, no money, no food. We hardly eat three times a day, but we are thankful because God kept us alive and healthy. 

My brother and i couldn't continue our education because of the chrises which happens almost every day.

Year 2014 i will never forget that year in my life, because from this year God started liberating us. We had a change of government and the government build three mighty strikes force within kabala west community.

peace was restored, new roads were build, fertilizers are shared to farmers, water and electricity are fixed, job employment everywhere.

As am speaking kabala west is now a calm and a peaceful place to stay. My brother and i returned to school and my family can afford three square meal daily. 

The end 

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Lesson learnt

No matter the circumstances we found ourselves we should be patient because God will always find a way to liberate us if only we can wait upon is arrival.

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