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Episode 1

I am paul by name and my twin brother's name is peter, we just finished writing our west african examination council exam (WAEC), we have nothing doing except playing football, roaming around, and running of errands. 

So one day, my dad and my mum both came to an agreement to involve i and my twin brother in learning an handwork which will sustain us in future rather than staying idle or being together with those tout polluting the society.
So, my parent called the both of us and discuss with us about "getting ourselves an handwork to learn" while waiting for the waec results. They gives us time to make our choice on which handwork to learn.

Though, my parent knows i love anything that as to do with "phones" and my twin brother love things about "laptops", but still they give us time to make it up to them.

Episode 2
After some days my parent called us to hear our responses. 

I told them: i want to learn "mobile phone repair", i was surprised when my twin brother said he also wishes to learn "mobile phone repair" instead of "laptops repair".

My Dad answered: okay, and took us to one of his friend that knows how to repair phones and negotiate the cost for learning.
The next day i and my brother started going to the shop to learn. The first and second month was stressful because we had to stand and watch what the boss and other apprentice are doing then learn from it, atimes we run errands too.

Episode 3
Three month later i and my twin brother have started fixing some phones like button phones but not touch screen. My boss noticed, and called the both of us and asked, if we are learning from another person after closing from his shop. 

I answered: "No" then he said; if that is the case "i and my twin brother are his first apprentices that grab things faster within a short period" of time and left.
Now the waec results is out, i and my twin brother couldn't check it because we are not sure of what we wrote, it was my Dad that check it for us. 

To God be the glory i and my twin brother cleared all the papers, we were happy after receiving the news.

Episode 4
We continue learning and learning until my dad spoke to my boss concerning our freedom.

My boss accepted, and we did the freedom and leave is shop. 

After a month my dad rented a shop for us and bought all the necessary tools for us to start "mobile phone repair" business.
We started, and God so kind people start bringing their phones for repairs. 

We saved a lot of money then took "jamb" examinations, i scored 168 and my twin brother scored 171, we both applied for the same course, institution and polytechnic, but unfortunately i got admission in the polytechnic but he was not luck enough to secure any admission so he went ahead to purchase evening form and finally got admission but his course was switched to "math and statistics".

Episode 5
We started attending lectures, i goes to school in the morning since it regular, my brother will be at the shop until i returns, and when i returned in the afternoon, he will take is leave to school since it's evening programme. That is how we manage running the business while in school.

We sponsored ourselves through repairing of phones business till we finish our studies and till now phone repair is still what we use in feeding ourselves and the family.

The end

Lesson learnt 

Although, "education is said to be the best legacy a parent can give to his children" but involving your children in learning an handwork is also important, as this will help them learn the rudiments of business and also develops their entrepreneurship mindset.

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