Born infirmed (short story)

walking stick

Am Tunde i was born infirmed, i lived with my parent in Kaju.
Kaju is a small village in between nariya and kabala west town. We are all Yorubas, we serve Ogun the gods of iron.

So being physically infirmed, anywhere i step my foot on in Kaju village people insult me, even a single friend i don't have, everyone hates me because of my physical appearance, but am thankful parental love towards me is immeasurable and am happy for that.

So when i clocked 22 deaths took away my parent and i am left alone in this insult-full village. Now it as even became worst and harder to face the insults, reproach, and disgrace i faces here and there from the villagers. 

So, one day i made up my mind to go and commit suicide in a bush. 

On my way going, i came across a young beautiful lady called Ajoke running out from the bush shouting for help, i stopped her and asked what is the problem? She answered it a snake that is blocking her path to home.

I followed her to the place where the snake is, and killed the snake with my walking stick. Ajoke thanked me and left.

Immediately after she left, i set a rope on the tree and was about to hang myself surprising Ajoke that left some few minutes ago came back and rescued me saying: My benefactor why do you want to kill yourself she asked; i couldn't answer her that moment only tears was rolling down from my eyes.
She removed the rope from my neck and brought me to her home. After some hours i explained everything to her, Ajoke felt pity for me and promised to become my friend.

The next day, she brought some food for me, chat with me and also eat with me.

Five years later i got married to Ajoke and were blessed with two kids.

The end.

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